Strada Easel Challenge, Day 4

1/4/19 My Favorite Martian, 4″x6″ oil on panel

Got off schedule today – worked on a different project this morning with a friend, then my daughter had a playdate. Again, I was compelled to paint bright happy colors, and kept it in a primary palette.

Strada Easel Challenge Day 3

1/3/19 Winter Clementines, 4″x6″ Oil on panel

It’s been a cold, grey and white winter so far. The snow is sticking around, which is kinda cool, but I yearn for COLOR. So, here ya go. Clementines. I was trying to channel some Duane Keiser. It’s like sunshine in a postcard.

Strada Easel Challenge Day 1

1/1/19 Orang Malu, 4″x6″ Oil on panel

Today is the first day of the Strada Easel Challenge. Create a painting, from life, daily, for the month of January. Finish the Challenge and you are entered into a drawing to win a Strada Easel. This is a twice yearly event.

The subject of my painting is a Balinese sculpture called an “Orang Malu” which translates to Shamed Man. I have also heard it called a Weeping Buddha. When I asked one of the vendors what the meaning was he was quite direct – “Who cares? People keep buying them, so we keep making them”. Still, pretty cool sculpture.

Since my daughter hasn’t started back to school yet, it will be still lifes until next week. Then, hopefully, I can get some (very, very cold) Plein Air painting done.