Commission FAQS

A Sampling of some of my Pet Portraits

Let’s create a cherished family heirloom!

Thank you so much for visiting my Commissions Page!  I’m thrilled that I might be able to help you create a painted portrait of your pet. I have painted many living and departed pets, and I am honored to help create a one of a kind tribute.

If you are considering a Steampunk Character Portrait – please visit that section of my page. Thank you!

If you decide to proceed, I recommend you send me as many reference pictures as possible, as high a resolution as possible. Photos that show the pet in natural light, no flash, not blurry, eye level and not in the far distance are best.  Consider what size you would like, and I can give you a more specific quote. I work very closely with my clients, and send an image of the painting (via email) when the painting is 90% done, to make sure everything is on track. I request a non-refundable deposit of 25% in order to start the commission, once the details and image are finalized. Payment can be either by check or PayPal.

Please EMAIL the (highest resolution) pictures to:

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more information!

  • I work primarily in oil paints, on either stretched canvas or panel. I work exclusively from reference photographs either given to me by clients, shot by myself, or by arrangement with a professional photographer.
  • I estimate it takes up to 5 weeks to complete a painting, after deciding on the composition/reference image/size. It will depend on size and complexity. In reality most commissions are usually finished and mailed in less than 5 weeks. I do not take on new commissions after October 15th to make sure holiday orders are sent out and arrive in time.
  • Size – I have created paintings from 5×5(inches) up to 40×72(inches)! Most of my commissions range from 8×8-12×16. (range is $200- $450) The client can choose between gallery wrap canvas (1.5″ deep, no frame required) or hardboard panel.
  • Pricing starts at $60 for a 5×5(inch), unframed painting. If you would like me to help choose a frame, I can give you a quote before proceeding.
  • Shipping is complementary for any commission over $150. I use either USPS Priority or FedEx, and make sure the client receives a tracking number.

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to working with you to create a lovely painting for you.

PRICES (Paintings over $150, Shipping is complementary within the USA)

All measurements are in inches

5×5 or 5×7 – $60

6×6 or 6×8 – $100

8×8 or 8×10 – $150

9×12 – $250

12×12  or 12×16 – $300

Please contact me ( for a larger, custom or specific painting size request.