Steampunk Character Portraits

Steampunk Characters, 11″X14″ Oil on Faux-Finish Panel. $275 each.

Have you ever looked at your furry/feathered friend and thought, “You are definitely a pirate! Or a scoundrel. Or a princess, debutante, cardplayer… This type of characterization is known as Anthropomorphism, bestowing specific human concepts onto animals.

I am happy to create a one-of-a-kind custom oil painting for you of your pet! Please read about the process of how they are created. The price list is below. Questions? Please contact me.

  • The Process – First and foremost, good, clear pictures of your pet is a MUST. Preferably in daylight, at eye level – just no hot flash, blurry, long distance pictures.
  • I believe each Character is unique – and I appreciate your help in creating a personality that fits your pet. Your input is crucial in the process. After a decision is made about what type of Character is appropriate, I research the different elements needed to enhance your pet’s portrait. I use art historical references and period costume design, among other tools.
  • A small (6″x8″)drawing/gouache (a type of watercolor) sketch is created for visual color, placement. This color sketch is submitted for initial approval, and once approved, the final painting in oils can commence. The research and sketch take approximately 1 week. The sketch remains with the artist unless other arrangements are made.
  • The final painting takes up to 5 weeks from start to finish, after the initial prep work (see above) has been finalized. Paintings are done on faux finished panel, unless the client has requested an alternate background. The final painting is then submitted for final approval, final payment, and then delivery.
  • The final painting is unframed unless the client has specified otherwise.



11″x14″ Portrait, Single Subject, Unframed – $275

8″x10″ Portrait, Single Subject, Unframed – $175

6″x8″ Portrait, Single Subject, Unframed – $150

Each additional subject in the commission is $50 extra – not available on the 6″x8″ size.

A deposit of $50 is required to secure your commission. It is non-refundable after I start the preparatory sketch.  It also pays for the prepared panel, if that is part of the commission. The final painting is done with high quality oils and varnished with an archival varnish to protect the painting.

The remainder of the balance in payment can be paid in 2 installments – halfway and at the final approval. The painting will be delivered/shipped after final payment is made.

Please contact me about commissioning your own Steampunk Character Portrait!