9/16 – Lily Moth, Polytela Gloriosae

Artwork, September 2017

9/16 – Lily Moth, Polytela Gloriosae

Again, names are marvelous. These delicate insects are so varied in colors and patterns – this one looks like a deep blue persian carpet.

Painting #17 & #18 will drop tomorrow. I participated in a paintout in Bellingham, WA this weekend. Trish Harding (Trish Harding School of Art) organized a fun, two day event. We painted along Holly St in the quaint historic downtown area. The weather was marvelous on Saturday, and Sunday the rains waited until the afternoon to arrive. There was a touch of smoke in the air, but otherwise, good painting weather. I painted (2) 6x12s and (3) 4x5s. Maybe a couple might actually be good.

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