Strada Easel Challenge Day 1

1/1/19 Orang Malu, 4″x6″ Oil on panel

Today is the first day of the Strada Easel Challenge. Create a painting, from life, daily, for the month of January. Finish the Challenge and you are entered into a drawing to win a Strada Easel. This is a twice yearly event.

The subject of my painting is a Balinese sculpture called an “Orang Malu” which translates to Shamed Man. I have also heard it called a Weeping Buddha. When I asked one of the vendors what the meaning was he was quite direct – “Who cares? People keep buying them, so we keep making them”. Still, pretty cool sculpture.

Since my daughter hasn’t started back to school yet, it will be still lifes until next week. Then, hopefully, I can get some (very, very cold) Plein Air painting done.

Projects & Goals for 2019

Strada Easel Challenge Artwork – 2018

2018 was a year of change. We moved from Western Washington to Gallup, New Mexico in May. My husband settled into his job with the Navajo Nation. I balanced keeping my 4 year old occupied while trying to navigate a new town, registering her for school, and trying to find an art community for myself. I teamed up with an amazing animal sanctuary and made some very inspiring paintings and wonderful connections.

A heartfelt thank you to all that have supported, commented and bought my artwork this year. Your support means so very much to me. I look forward to continuing sharing my work and adventures with you.

My now 5 year old (December B-day) will be headed to a different school in January, five days a week with some interesting after school programs. I hope she will thrive there. The new schedule will give me more time in my home studio, as well as help me plan for some teaching opportunities in the new year.

Lots of projects in the works for next year, the Year of the Pig. I will be printing my traditional Lunar New Year Linocuts for family, friends and clients. I plan a number of different small series, one of which will grace my 2020 (wow, 2020!) calendar, I hope. In honor of the Chinese New Year, I want to create 52 pig themed paintings. January brings the latest Strada Easel Challenge, so I am hoping to keep to schedule and paint, from life, every day of January. Of course, Inktober is on my mind too, but I have a while to prep for that. Something in April too, but again, I’ll revisit that closer to March.

Did I mention I have lists? Lists of what I want to do. More lists than time.

I have been very involved with a project that I proposed to Gallup Arts, a local non profit that has been quite active in Gallup. It’s a spin off of the 30/30/30 concept I brought to Moscow, ID – this time, only 15 (5x7s) in 30 days. We did get the panels two weeks early, but since it coincided with the holidays, we figured it wouldn’t hurt. I learned how to set up a group page on FB. We have 28 artists in this group – should be about 420 artworks on display. That goes up early February.

A very basic goal is to keep painting, every day. It’s a challenge when my little girl is home for the break, and I would love to paint later into the night, but my husband gets up very, very early. If I can do plein air, possibly once a week, even better. It’s pretty cold here right now, though, so I have to make sure to dress appropriately.

Another goal is to start exercising more. I have a *small* window of time in the morning that I could use, before my little one wakes up. I will give it a try tomorrow – Christmas Eve is a great day to start, right?

And the studio is actually clean. lol for a hot minute.

Daily(ish) Minis

Daily(ish) Minis
The First 18 Daily(ish) Minis

When we moved to Gallup, NM in late May, I was busy with my 4 year old daughter for the summer. When I got my studio room into some order, I decided to work on some small (very, very small) paintings I could do in one sitting. I was (and still am) mesmerized by the turquoise blue skies we are so fortunate to have. Sure, it’s dry, rather cold now for winter, but I will take it over damp wet and overcast cloudy. We get that sometimes too, but the blue sky ratio is much higher.

These tiny oil paintings are 1.75″x2.75″, approx 1/16″ thick paper panel. They are $20 each, USPS first class mail shipping included. Buy 2 or more I will upgrade shipping to USPS priority.

Each painting is based on something I experienced the day it was created. All paintings are date stamped on the back, varnished on the front. They are all posted on my FB Page, Dana Aldis Studio –

To purchase, contact me.

Thanks for looking!


September 30-in-30,GOA 18, Frankie

Frankie, 6×6 oil on panel, $70 with FREE USA shipping

Frankie is a striking fella. Almost looks like a stained glass icon, so I thought the background colors worked appropriately.  Frankie’s portrait can be yours for $70, with 30% of the purchase price going directly to the Goats of Anarchy Animal Sanctuary. And FREE domestic USA shipping. Go to the Dailypaintworks link below:


Back on track – GOA 14 thru 17

Capone (SOLD), Pocket & Polly, Tater Tot, Pocket with Toy

I had a great start to the September #30paintingsin30days challenge. Then I hit a wall. I came to the realization that I wanted more time for these paintings. Also, I was bone tired. I’m not sure if I was under the weather, but I couldn’t shake the exhaustion.

Perhaps because I am also doing the Strada Easel challenge, which requires an artwork from life everyday, I was just burnt out.

So, here are the next four in the Goats of Anarchy September Series. I should finish them all by the beginning of October. If you’d like to purchase any of the paintings, please go to the Dailypaintworks link below. 30% of sales will go directly to the GOA Sanctuary. And FREE Shipping for USA domestic purchases.