September 30-in-30,GOA 18, Frankie

Artwork, daily painting, Goats, September 2018

Frankie, 6×6 oil on panel, $70 with FREE USA shipping

Frankie is a striking fella. Almost looks like a stained glass icon, so I thought the background colors worked appropriately.  Frankie’s portrait can be yours for $70, with 30% of the purchase price going directly to the Goats of Anarchy Animal Sanctuary. And FREE domestic USA shipping. Go to the Dailypaintworks link below:


Back on track – GOA 14 thru 17

Artwork, daily painting, Goats, September 2018

Capone (SOLD), Pocket & Polly, Tater Tot, Pocket with Toy

I had a great start to the September #30paintingsin30days challenge. Then I hit a wall. I came to the realization that I wanted more time for these paintings. Also, I was bone tired. I’m not sure if I was under the weather, but I couldn’t shake the exhaustion.

Perhaps because I am also doing the Strada Easel challenge, which requires an artwork from life everyday, I was just burnt out.

So, here are the next four in the Goats of Anarchy September Series. I should finish them all by the beginning of October. If you’d like to purchase any of the paintings, please go to the Dailypaintworks link below. 30% of sales will go directly to the GOA Sanctuary. And FREE Shipping for USA domestic purchases.

September 30/30 -Opie

Artwork, daily painting, Goats, September 2018

Opie, 6×6 oil on panel, GOA #2 – $70 FREE Shipping

SOLD, Thank you!

Opie is a handsome Fella.

If you would like to learn more about Goats of Anarchy – please follow this link:

Please consider following them on Social Media – they are big on FB and Instagram.

September 30 in 30 – Goats of Anarchy

Artwork, Goats, September 2018

My daughter finally started pre-school, she’s thrilled to be back with playing and learning with other kids. I’m thrilled she’s happy, and I have my studio time back after the summer break.

Leslie Saeta unofficially announced that the next 30 in 30 Challenge will be this September. I was going to do some more dogs, but I felt I wanted to change it up a bit – so I contacted an amazing animal sanctuary – Goats of Anarchy, and they have graciously given me permission to do paintings based on their animals. I hope to include their stories too.

Goats of Anarchy, “GOA” is an award-winning, vegan sanctuary for special needs baby goats (along with other animal friends that we just have to help). They are a registered charity (501c3) and all tax deductible donations go towards vet fees, food, shelter and prosthetics for the baby goats. 

They are very active on FB and Instagram – I highly recommend following them, and if you can, perhaps make a monthly or one time donation. Please check out there website here:

I am donating 30% of all sales from this series to GOA. If you are interested in purchasing an original or print from this series, please contact me directly – – I will post additional information on the individual images.

See you in September!