9/30 – Glanycus Insolitus Thyrididae (Picture Winged Leaf Moth, Male)

9/30 – Picture Winged Leaf Moth, Male, 6×6 Acrylics on Paper

How fun, how interesting. This is the male version of the moth I painted on 9/4. He’s very svelte.


9/29 – Joseph’s Coat Moth

9/29 Joseph’s Coat Moth, 6×6 Acrylics on Paper

As a child my parents took us to a bunch of musicals. I remember them fondly. As an adult I realize how expensive they were! But what an experience, which I remember to this day. We saw Joseph and the Multi Colored Dream Coat, and I would like to say that Donny Osmond was Joseph, but I can’t be sure.

9/6 – Peach Moth (Egybolis Vaillantia)

9/6 – Peach Moth, 6×6 Acrylics on Paper

When painting series, one discovers so many interesting things about the subjects. Moths are so varied, and the names are wonderful. However, this moth name, though seemingly adorable at first, turns out, is a pest moth. Probably not the last one I will paint.